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Cementing :) Agent Performance - Boral Case Study

Blending agent technology performance monitoring with agent activity gives unique operational insights into Boral’s contact center.

Driving increased CSAT through better audio quality.

Boral is one of the largest integrated construction materials companies in Australia, producing and selling a broad range of construction materials including quarry products, cement, concrete, asphalt and recycled materials.

Boral’s stated commitment to customer engagement is all encompassing: 

'We’re committed to leading the way through innovation and inspiring greatness. You can rely on us to do what we say. And we recognise that we are at our best when we work together’ 

To support this strategy Boral transitioned all customer facing call center operations to Amazon Connect

Teething issues with the environment extending call centre seats to agents both at home and in the office led Boral to Operata’s 14 Day Accelerate program, a no cost trial that introduces the benefits of Operata and the value it brings to contact center IT and business teams. 

Armed with new levels of observability, Boral was able to identify and resolve early configuration issues and focus efforts on leveraging the capability of Amazon Connect to deliver their CX promise. 

Operata continues to ensure service performance as the Boral and Amazon Connect environment continues to change and evolve. 

But the journey with Operata capability did not stop there. 

New agent insights

With Operata’s Collector for Chrome installed, the platform captures data from every second of every call. The data captured includes both the agent’s technology performance and agent activity, which are blended to provide unique and rich operational insights. 

To ensure operational teams get the most value, Operata created a dedicated Playbook; Agent Activity. This playbook centres on the Call Profile, Hold & Mute, Missed Calls and Call Disconnects for all agents, with trending, ranking and filtering to easily understand service norms and outliers. 

For Boral this data is used every day to improve understanding of how services are provided to their customers, to refine business processes and to focus attention on specific agents. 

Headset data is next

The next stage for Boral is to enable Operata off-the-shelf integration with Jabra headsets to bring more ‘colour’ to the agent environment, how agents listen to, talk to and cross-talk with their customers, as well as measuring background noise and audio exposure levels. 

"Operata continues to add value, years after our initial deployment, it’s now providing operational insights that our call center management teams love."

— David Marks, Manager, Cloud Infrastructure, Boral

As Operata captures the agent’s skill and audio patterns, Boral can then understand and refine CX based on specific business functions, targeting training and measuring change. 

Boral’s Goals 

• Quickly gain visibility of Amazon Connect performance with the data needed to understand the cause of issues, without disruption to the Agents. 

• Have the data needed to understand the impact of changes intended to resolve early performance issues. 

• Move focus and energy from fixing issues to leveraging the value of Amazon Connect. 

• Have the observability needed to ensure technical service performance in an ever-changing environment. 

• Look to expand the value of Operata by providing data to inform operational decisions and agent training. 

The Solution 

Boral rapidly implemented Operata with a zero cost trial, by simply enabling Operata data collection across all agents with an easily deployed browser extension for Chrome. 

Operata Solution
• Continuous performance monitoring
Operata Collector for Chrome
Canvas for insights & analytics
• Jabra Headset Integration

Gathering data network performance measures and softphone errors in Operata helped Boral resolve early issues. 

Once the issues were resolved the need to continue monitoring the environment was clear as the environment is subject to constant change and contention. 

"At Boral we identified early on that Operata was going to benefit IT teams with Observability features. What became clearer as we rolled out the tool is how much value it is to assist contact center operations get the best from their agents." 

— David Marks, Manager, Cloud Infrastructure, Boral

Data from both the agent’s technology environment and agent activity was brought together in an operationally focussed playbook to give unique operational and agent insights, which are now an embedded as part of Boral operational management. 

Operata data is now being used to help make informed decisions on operational process and agent performance management. 

Download this Operata Boral Case Study PDF.

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