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Moving to the cloud in 48-hours - Origin Energy Case Study

Origin’s contact center transformation was supercharged as COVID-19 saw agents move to work from home.

Social distancing measures impacted contact center operations, accelerating Origin’s planned migration to Amazon Connect.

It was imperative to move quickly and with no disruption to services.

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy retailers with over 4.2 million customer accounts, working every day to make energy more affordable, more sustainable, smarter and easier.

Origin supplies customers with electricity, natural gas, LPG, broadband and solar. They are focused on providing customers with market leading customer experience, which they are achieving through digital transformation.

As part of this goal Origin embarked on a program to transition all contact center operations to Amazon Connect, with 2,000 agents across Australia and the Philippines.

The service needed to be fully integrated to Origin back-end systems, with custom soft-phone and thin client delivery. No mean feat within the planned two-week transition period.

The Operata platform was selected to support the performance testing and monitoring needed for the transformation — to both assure delivery and maintain the highest quality of service once live.

With COVID-19 impacting business operations, the target time- frames were changed to 48 hours, with the added challenge of moving many agents to working from home.

Operata was instrumental to both accelerating project delivery and ensuring call quality for home based agents.

Despite the significant challenges, the Origin team, with help from Operata, achieved the goal - with no disruption to service and an improvement in call quality. 

"Operata was vital to accelerating our migration, testing services & assuring end-to-end quality across diverse environments. It enabled us to assess readiness for cutover of services and monitor ongoing performance. We love the Operata tool!"

— Craig Robson - IT Project Manager, Origin

Origin Goals

  • Seamlessly transition Origin Energy’s customer facing operations in Australia and Philippines to Amazon Connect within 48 hours.
  • Shift the agent population to work from home where possible as part part of social distancing measures.
  • Zero disruption to customer services. 

How Operata Helped 

Operata capabilities proved instrumental to the transformation from the first live call and beyond. 

Agent environment
For offshore operations, Origin chose to utilise a thin client in order to manage the desktop experience. Operata was used to test and validate a dual softphone client approach (thin client for signaling, local browser for audio) would work at scale. Operata captured details of each agents browser type and version - targeting agents to upgrade where necessary. Monitoring and analytics also identified where Agents were not following guidelines on using the thin client.

End to End Assurance
Operata’s automated testing platform, ‘Simulate’ loaded the contact flows and integration to Origin back end systems. Any issues were detected and resolved before go-live.

As the teams transitioned, the data continually captured by Operata identified issues with configuration at times of peak network load. The insights provided by Operata not only identified these issues, but also provided the detail needed by the IT teams to resolve them quickly and validate the fixes.

Production Migration
With monitoring and measurement in place, the project team and business had the confidence they needed for a rapid 48-hour migration to Amazon Connect.

Now fully transitioned, the Agents, Call Centre Manager, Product Owner and IT teams all use Operata to maintain service quality and importantly drive quality of their third party service providers. 


  • Origin delivered on providing customers with market leading customer experience by moving to Amazon Connect.
  • COVID-19 social distancing accelerated the business priority.
  • Origin accelerated the business deployment to cut-over all onshore and offshore agents in 48 hours — to rapidly support agents to work from home and ensure continuity of service to customers.
  • Operata load testing module (Simulate) used to stress test the environment before transition.
  • Operata was selected to assure continuance of contact center performance for work from home agents.
  • Insights provided by Operata used to assure quality of both internally delivered services and Origin third party providers.
  • Amazon Connect delivered in a measured and optimised environment, with agents reporting that quality and performance is better than ever.

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