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Operata Operata

Customer & agent experience management for Cloud Contact Centres

Benchmark, analyse and continuously improve your CX.

Improve the quality of your customer experience with happier, more productive agents.

For Agents

Get a view of the Network performance critical to the delivery of every day services. Move visibility to the end-user.

For Contact Centre Managers

Understand the experience your agents and customers are having — challenge your organisations network teams.

For C-Suite

Get visibility of quality and performance impacting your agents and customers. In real time.

For IT Support

Capture root cause data, visualise and analyse problems and speed support resolution.

The experience management platform for real time communications.

Operata collects performance data, learns then acts.
Simulating conditions, assisting agents and communicating with your Devops stack.


  • Experience Monitoring

    Continuously measure performance quality and qualitative data for every agent.

  • Predictive Diagnostics

    AI & machine learning monitors quality and suggests actions direct to the agent.

  • Rules & Alerting

    Set control levels across any metric, integrated alerting with your current tools.

  • Testing

    Continuous quality assurance with on demand, periodic and end-to-end load testing

  • Actionable Analytics

    Make data driven decisions from detailed reports and dashboards.

  • Performance Benchmarking

    Indepently measure cloud service performance and take action.

How it Works


Agents run our browser collector, Assist.

Monitors quantitative data — WebRTC, network stats and combines with agent feedback.


Operata continuously collects key metrics.

Performance issues, MOS, jitter, packet loss, network information. Every second, every call.


Activity processed and interpreted in real time.

Operata learns, makes decisions and takes action – running tests, measuring data and recommending fixes.


Operata Assist notifies and takes action.

Conversational UI to for agent resolution, interaction, and qualitative data collection.


Reduce incidents with self healing and self help

  • Help end users solve issues independently
  • Proactively diagnose and resolve issues automatically.
  • Understand the impact of changes to avoid potential issues.

Shorten incident resolution time (MTTR)

  • 1-click issue resolution with smart actions.
  • Escalate the issue directly to the right ream.
  • Get advanced diagnostic data and diagnose more quickly.

Proactive diagnosis and end user engagement

  • Quickly flag failures and outages with unrivalled end-to-end visability.
  • Get ahead of the game by identifying issues before end-user notification.
  • Obtain end-user feedback for continuous service improvement.

Improve quality of agent experience

  • Continuously monitor agent satisfaction through targeted question to end users.
  • Get instantly alerted about dips in employee satisfaction.
  • Correlate qualitative performance with NPS and CSAT.

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