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Our new platform release ‘Grandioso' is here 🎶 - Unprecedented agent and customer experience (CX) insights. Read the post

Voice is the heart of how we connect.

It's personal, it's immediate, it's now.

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But in the old contact center world, voice got a bad rap. Wait times, queues, IVRs in loops.

All that has changed. Voice innovation now powers endless possibilities.

Voice is back. It’s a new world for customer experience. That's because now, voice is not just the domain of people. Machines are now able to understand our intent, semantics and sentiment, to translate or transcribe what we say and reply using the spoken word.

But while the possibilities are magical, they bely the complexity in getting these new applications right. This new world requires new tools to deliver success and measure ongoing performance.

So we decided to create them.


Our mission is to put ‘people experience’ at the heart of cloud communications.

It’s about better connection.

And we are doing this by building the world's first experience management platform for voice applications.


  • Andy Scott illustrated headshot

    Andy Scott

    Co-founder & COO

    Andy has a 20+ year history in providing voice and collaboration services into global banks, utilities & enterprises. His experiences in building and operating contact centre, voice & collaboration services have driven a strong Service Management ethos.
  • John Mitchem illustrated headshot

    John Mitchem

    Co-founder & CTO

    With a background in enterprise service management and voice network engineering, John has led complex contact centre deployments, migrations and large-scale telephony transformation using CPaaS, UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.
  • Romily Blackburn illustrated headshot

    Romilly Blackburn

    Co-founder & CEO

    With 15+ years experience in voice and messaging SaaS, Romilly is co-founder of Whispir (ASX:WSP) and was it's COO. Recently he was CPO & CMO of (Acq:Zendesk). His background is in enterprise omnichannel, SMS, voice and chat software.


For us, better connection is something we live by — with our people, customers, partners and our team:

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Execute the why.

Grow with purpose.

Team connection icon

Play the long game.

Build respect, value relationships.

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Progress over perfection.

Act and iterate.

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Be fearless.

Be empowered to innovate without fear.

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We're customers too.

We solve the problems we have.

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Impress yourself.

Do it because you think it is valuable.

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Leave it better than we found it.

Use our knowledge to do some good.

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Be thoughtful.

Think first, empathize, consider our impact.


We go beyond a great salary with benefits to support you, your family and our community.

Great Equipment

No scrimping, our people deserve the best tools-of-the-trade to do their job well. 16" MacBook Pro is a standard but you can choose whats right for you.

Birthday Leave

No one should have to work on their Birthday. Enjoy the day off and celebrate - or don't - it's your birthday, do whatever you like!

Awesome Swag

Look the part with Operata merch a.k.a swag. Regularly updated high-quality Tees, hoodies & sweatshirts are part of the package.

Climate Positive Organization

Operata calculates and then offsets CO2 emissions for all our employees and we actively choose to work with like-minded partners and suppliers.

Flexible Work

We understand that life happens outside of work. That's why we don't expect a typical 9 to 5 schedule to work for everyone—we offer you flexibility to do your best work in the way that best suits you.

Team Referral Program

We're always looking for great talent, and believe our amazing people know other amazing people! If a referral is hired full-time, the referring Operata will receive a bonus once the new starter has been with us for 6 months.

Family Flexibility & Parental Leave

We fully support & encourage new parents' plans to return to work and understand that full-time may not be realistic for everyone, we look to tailor our roles to part-time & flexible options. In addition to government programs, Operata offers up to twelve weeks paid parental leave.

Superannuation & Pension

Operata pays 10% of base salary earnings, including bonus, into your superannuation - but you knew that already. To further support our people in setting themselves up for life, Operata allow you to salary sacrifice additional superannuation payments (check with your accountant if this is right for you).

Distributed Work Allowance

No matter where you're working from, we want to ensure you're set up for success. To support, we provide tools and generous financial support to complete an ideal workspace that suits your needs. We also pay for your home high-speed internet.

Career Development

Operata is invested in career growth and professional development of our people. We provide all employees access to online learning courses, have a generous training budget and provide time off for learning and development. We encourage and fund cloud service provider certifications such as AWS Cloud, GCP etc.

Does this sound like you?

We are hiring - come build with us!

See Operata in action.

Lock in some time with a Product Specialist.

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