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Make your home working agents sing!

Operata optimizes performance so your team gets the most from your cloud contact center

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Looking for the best CCaaS for home working agents?

All you need is your CCaaS platform, a laptop and an internet connection.

Modern cloud contact centers are accessible from virtually any location, meaning your business can have a complete, operational contact center via the cloud.
Your agents, supervisors and managers can all work from home while performing their usual contact center roles and activities.

For Agents

  • Enjoy the best agent experience
  • Resolve issues yourself
  • Provide real-time feedback to IT

For Supervisors

  • Monitor agents in real-time
  • Coach agents as in the office
  • Stay in the loop on technical issues

For Managers

  • Create custom dashboards, run reports
  • Monitor service levels in real-time
  • Listen to call recordings


Learn how to optimize your cloud contact center for optimum voice quality, agent and customer experience.


Better Together

Operata gives IT teams and contact center managers the tools they need to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Boost Agent Productivity

Capture agent feedback and suggest fixes in real time to resolve and reduce issues while improving AX and CX.

Faster Mean Time To Resolve

Correlate technical, operations, and experience data to identify issues, determine root causes, and resolve them quickly.

Control Service Quality

Independently measure performance SLAs for contact centers, agents, BPOs, MSPs, partners, and carriers you rely on.

Speed Time-to-Value

Gain insights to confidently transform your contact center, underlying systems, third parties, or end-user devices.

Lower Costs

Reduce call times, focus investment in the right areas, optimize spend, and measure what matters.

Optimize Your AI Investment

Deliver the voice quality required to get the most from transcription, sentiment analysis, agent assistants, and more.

The economic impact of agent downtime.

This simple calculator for IT teams quantifies the business impact of reducing agent impacting issues.

Get the details behind this calculation and learn how Operata can speed up your issue resolution times.