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Assure end-to-end performance for the best CX.

A modern global testing suite – real calls, at cloud scale.

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Measure the true end-to-end Customer and Agent Experience with real calls, across geographies and varying hosted service locations. Predict expected performance to optimise architecture and maximise return on investment.

Make faster, more informed architectural decisions to meet specific business needs.


Set, meet and exceed service performance SLAs measured against independent, real world baselines. Report on PSTN audio quality, true audio latency, CX & AX, WebRTC and IVR performance, native & third-party CX/AX applications such as Bots, Media streaming & transcription.

Make data-driven decisions: Remove subjectivity for truly aligned business outcomes.


Dramatically reduce incident triage & troubleshooting times by pinpointing components impacted by an issue (PSTN, CCaaS provider, Agent Network). Know at a glance if your CX & AX issues are internal or external to your environment.

Reduce time-to-resolve by looking in the right places straight away.


Simulate load & test real-world scenarios.

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Real calls

Generate one or thousands of actual calls to exercise your platform before your customers do.

Test end to end

Deliver from carrier to virtual agents to assure end to end performance.

Measure at scale

Ramp up real call traffic to load end-to-end and assure your CCaaS performance.

Automated or scheduled

Set ad-hoc, scheduled or repeated tests to build assurance into everyday DevOps.

For all common test cases

  • Release verification
  • Post change tests
  • Incident investigation
  • Issue resolution checks
  • Performance/load tests (with AWS approval flow)
  • DR testing


Baseline your performance to compare and improve CX and AX.

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Global performance baselines

Benchmark global standards of service performance to predict and set your service baselines.

Understand regional impacts

Work with CX heartbeat to test global scenarios - what is expected performance if your customer is in Australia, cloud region is in Singapore and the Agent in Mumbai?

Inform your architecture

Make data driven architectural decisions for optimal cloud region and connectivity.


Continuously measure your cloud contact center performance.

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Report on your environment

End-to-end roundtrips test PSTN audio quality, true audio latency, CX & AX, WebRTC and IVR performance. Pinpoint quality degradation at every step of the journey.

Isolate issues quickly

Know at a glance if your CX & AX issues are internal or external to your environment.

Troubleshoot and resolve faster

Rapidly analyse and isolate which components are impacted by an issue immediately - PSTN, CCaaS, Network, webRTC or Agent.

Test continuously & efficiently

Build a picture from continuous periodic testing and run on-demand end-to-end tests without disturbing your agents.

Compare overall performance

View your heartbeat alongside baseline data to explore and explain variances Vs global norms.

Compare CCaaS utilities

Compare the impact of audio quality on native & third-party apps such as bots, media streaming & transcription.

“Operata provided assurance that we could scale up safely and with confidence.”

Grant Sayer, CTO, HealthDirect Australia

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