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Call quality impacts patient outcomes - Everlight Case Study

Operata enables Everlight Radiology to look inside their cloud contact center environment.

Medical imaging provides a unique view into what’s happening inside the human body, Operata provided the same visibility for Everlight Radiology into their cloud contact center environment.

Medical imaging provides a unique view into what’s happening inside the human body, Operata provided the same visibility for Everlight Radiology into their cloud contact center environment.

For over a decade, Everlight Radiology has been a lifeline to hospitals, private imaging clinics and corporate radiology providers across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Over 450 FRANZCR or GMC (or equivalent) specialist Consultant Radiologists report on more than 1,500,000 examinations a year for hospitals and private practices in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and NHS hospitals in the UK. 

Having Radiologists around the world is an integral part of Everlight’s business value, leveraging international time zones to provide 24/7 radiology reporting, while ensuring Radiologists only ever work ‘daylight’ hours.

Everlight needed a global contact center solution to support both the operations team and Consultant Radiologists. The performance and reliability demanded for this mission critical ‘life and death’ service raised some unique challenges.

"Operata’s ability to capture event and performance data from the network and application helped us to determine the optimal region to host our instance, troubleshoot errors and understand the impact of remediation actions during our pilot of Amazon Connect."

— Alex Seng - Business Analyst, Everlight Radiology

Everlight Goals

  • Quickly baseline performance of the target Amazon Connect deployment.

  • Validate that any expected network latency from having  globally distributed customers, operational teams and radiologists could deliver the required service quality.

  • Continually measure production performance to provide the confidence needed to move from pilot users to full transition.

  • Understand the end-to-end customer experience in detail, both within the Amazon Connect ‘black box’ and the softphone answer points.• Identify and establish the success of actions to optimise the performance of the environment, from Amazon Connect to the end user’s desktop.

How Operata Helped 

Everlight selected Operata’s Transform package in order to rapidly accelerate their deployment program. This provided Everlight the ability to embed the Operata platform into their Amazon Connect environment with the support of Operata’s expert services.

Everlight added the Operata Agent Collector to their custom softphone deployment (A JavaScript collector, deployed with Docker and delivered with Active Directory user authentication).

Once in place all end user activities, softphone errors and data network performance measures were passed into the Operata platform.

The Everlight team used the CloudFormation template to deploy Operata Conductor (via Lambda) within their AWS environment.

This cloud-native collector passes Contact Flow Logs and Contract Trace Records related to Amazon Connect events based on Everlight controlled permissions.

All sources of data were brought together in the Operata Platform,  time synchronized and used by Everlight to give them the insights and understanding they needed to achieve their goals. Two features of Operata were found to be especially valuable:

Call Timeline
A correlated visual timeline of all events from the time a call connects on Amazon Connect to call disconnection made it easy to understand what had happened and their respective timings.

This view highlighted the impact signaling latency had on both the caller and end user experience due to variability in network performance.

The Operata API was used to feed collected data into Everlight’s business intelligence platform, so key metrics could be integrated with their business processes.

Agent Status
It was important to understand whether anomalies were due to end user behaviour, or technical issues:

For example, were MissedCallAgent events simply due to the end user missing the call? Or were there technical issues that prevented the user from being able to answer it?

The Operata Agent timeline brought together end user actions and softphone error logs into a simple timeline for every user. Filtering made it easy to identify the frequency and troubleshoot root cause of issues. 


  • Everlight Radiology offers a life critical, 24x7 service ensuring more than 1,500,000 examinations per year are reviewed by over 450 FRANZCR or GMC (or equivalent) Consultant Radiologists distributed across the globe.

  • Everlight selected the Operata platform to baseline and then assure performance as they transitioned services.

  • Operata Agent Collector and Conductor elements were deployed to gather event and performance data from both inside Amazon Connect, the transporting data network and the end user’s softphone.

  • Operata insights highlighted improvement areas and the impact of remediation actions.

  • Everlight had all they needed to complete their transition with minimal disruption and increased confidence.

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