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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Operata Platform CX Observability Features

Unique capabilities to improve the People Experience in your contact center.

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A full suite of observability features specifically designed for CCaaS solutions.

All the monitoring, assurance, and observability tools you need to deliver exceptional CX.

Tenor AIâ„¢

AI Featured Insights

A real-time feed of Tenor AI recommendations to improve key metrics, from Call Abandonment to Call Transfers, from Service Availability to Service Quality..
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CX Copilot (BETA)

Investigate performance with a breakthrough data Copilot powered by Tenor AI generative models. Use natural language to interact with and uncover insights in your CX Observability data.
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AX Copilot

The former Agent Messenger is now an AX Copilot powered by Tenor AI, proactively recommending corrective actions and best practices for agents to improve CX on-the-fly..
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Data Collection

Web Browser Plugins

Agent web browser plugins for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge enable easy deployment of robust data collection and real-time monitoring services that integrate seamlessly with most agent desktop software.

Endpoint Integrations

Pre-built integrations to popular endpoint software for real-time monitoring of SIP endpoints, WebRTC signaling, agent status, softphone states, headsets, built-in microphones, and more.

CX Data Integrations

Preconfigured integrations to CCaaS data sources for call detail records, agent states, agent and customer sentiment, screen recording metadata, and more.

Continuous Monitoring

CCaaS & Carrier Performance

Monitor your CCaaS service performance, regional status, thresholds, network latency, and PSTN carrier connectivity.
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Network & WebRTC

View real-time and trended data for network latency across your end-to-end environment, and automatically rate WebRTC call audio quality based on ITU perceptual standards like MOS and POLQA.

Agent Experience

Gain visibility into agent workstation technical performance metrics and provided real-time guidance for troubleshooting, issue reporting, and issue resolution.
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Intelligent Insights

CX Observability

Correlated insights and recommendations drawn from unique technical, operations, and experience data.


Curated interactive dashboards enabling drill-down exploration and visualization of real-time and trended metrics spanning technical, operations, and experience data.
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Agent Alerts

Intelligent real-time alerts for agents to self-resolve technical issues, comply with operational processes and best practices, and address agent wellness concerns.

Quality Assurance

Performance Testing

Generate thousands of real calls and stress test your platform end-to-end from carrier to virtual agents to assure end to end performance at scale.
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Voice Quality Testing

End-to-end roundtrips test PSTN audio quality, true audio latency, WebRTC, and IVR performance to pinpoint voice quality issues at every step of the journey.

CX Heartbeat

Immediately analyze and isolate which components are impacted by an issue: PSTN, CCaaS, network, WebRTC, or agent.



Use the standards-based API to retrieve complete Operata data, Contact Trace Records, Contact Flow Records, Contact Summary data, and more.

Data Exchange

Collect 3rd-party data with out-of-the-box integrations and send Operata insights to any system using our event-driven APIs.

CCaaS Orchestration

Operata Cloud Orchestrator easily deploys in AWS for Amazon Connect to enable Operata Heartbeat agent orchestration and job management, and the Operata Heartbeat virtual agent bot.

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