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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Operata's ‘Harmony’ Release Launches AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights

Contact Centers and their IT teams can now uncover new insights hidden in their technical, operations, and experience data and take recommended actions to improve performance.

Our latest release introduces AI-powered CX Observability copilots fueled by a trillion contact center data points.

89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010. However, despite significant advancements in technology and processes, 30% of customers still experience poor CX. Furthermore, more than half of a company’s customers will turn to a competitor after a single negative experience.

For companies that want to improve CX, where do they start?

Leading organizations are looking to data for its potential to unlock CX improvements. But, while modern contact center clouds are keeping data lakes full, the insights that can improve CX are as elusive as ever.

Every team is searching for answers…

  • IT teams are asking: How do I understand the performance of each IT element to fix issues and target improvements?

  • For Ops teams: How do I find new ways to increase agent productivity, while enhancing CX?

  • And CX teams: How do I improve customer journeys where the most critical interactions occur?

To solve these questions and thousands more, Operata has introduced an all new toolset that delivers AI-powered insights and actions to drive performance metrics to new highs.

It’s designed specifically for contact center operations, CX teams, and the IT pros that support them.

Introducing Tenor AI™

Tenor AI™ brings to Operata a suite of AI-powered CX Observability tools for users to gain insights from and take actions on correlated technical, operations, and experience data spanning their cloud contact center environment. Tenor AI™ is fueled by Operata’s fast-growing trove of data, built on more than 270 million customer interactions, 650 million agent minutes, and 1 trillion data points.

Tenor AI™ includes:

  • AI Featured Insights highlight areas of improvement to make the most gains to your key CX metrics.

  • Real-time intelligent guidance to improve technology and operational performance for every Agent with an enhanced AX Copilot.

  • A natural language CX Copilot to interact with CX Observability data and surface unique data correlations.

For the first time, contact centers can act on proactive Featured Insights and use GPT-style conversational language in Tenor AI™ to ask questions of harmonized CX Observability data, gaining a deep understanding of the relationships between factors impacting Agent Experience (AX) and Customer Experience (CX).

For example, Tenor AI™ can guide users to correlated insights such as:

  • “Agents using built-in mics transfer 200% more calls than those using headsets”;

  • “Call transcription accuracy drops 4X when voice quality dips below 3.5 MOS”; or

  • "Mid-call abandonment by customers jumps 3x when calls experience high agent CPU and poor customer sentiment".

Operata Platform ‘Harmony’ Release

The Harmony release means Operata customers now have three ways to gain insight into contact center performance:

  1. Proactive insights and recommendations surfaced by the platform and presented in a new real-time feed, and available via the Operata API to trigger alerts and workflows in integrated systems.

  2. Open-ended natural language interaction fueled by Large Language Models (LLMs) and harmonized Operata data to answer specific, detailed, and complex questions about contact center performance.

  3. Data visualization with trends and summaries in interactive curated Playbooks containing configurable dashboards that facilitate drilling into data spanning technical, operations, and experience domains.

As of today, the Harmony release is Generally Available (GA) globally, and all Operata customers are upgraded. Natural language querying features of Tenor AI™ are available via a private beta program.

The release includes:

AI Featured Insights

Operata now provides a real-time feed of Tenor AI™ recommendations to improve key metrics, from Call Abandonment to Call Transfers, from Service Availability to Service Quality. AI Featured Insights at launch include:

  • Anomaly Detection: Tenor AI™ automatically detects a range of technical anomalies affecting large cohorts of agents or resources, such as regional outages or software update incompatibilities.

  • Conversation Keyword Alerts: Operata provides templates for CCaaS conversational analytics rules to automatically identify calls in real time where one party said a matching phrase for “I can’t hear you” or compliance and legal scenarios.

  • Mid-Call Abandons: Operata automatically identifies Terminal CX Events such as mid-call abandons, where one party abandons the call after a conversation has started.

  • Agent Abuse Events: Working with CCaaS conversational analytics, Operata automatically identifies calls in real time where the agent may have been subject to abusive language.

  • Agent Microphone Use: Identify calls where agents used non-approved microphones, and prompt those agents to change to an approved microphone for the next call.

Learn more

AX Copilot

Operata’s Agent Messenger is reimagined as an Agent Experience Copilot. Powered by Tenor AI™, proactively recommending corrective actions and best practices for Agents to improve CX on-the-fly. AX Copilot features include:

  • Agent CX alerts from Tenor AI™: Deliver real-time AI-powered alerts and guidance to agents right within their CCaaS browser tab.

  • Recommended actions: Feed agents a stream of real-time recommendations for issue troubleshooting and resolution based on best practices.

  • Customizable action buttons: Define primary and secondary action buttons for each alert and recommendation that is delivered to your agents.

  • Wellbeing alerts from Tenor AI™: Use pre-built conversational analytics rules for Amazon Connect Contact Lens to detect abusive calls and provide agents with remediation actions.

Learn more

CX Copilot (Beta)

Investigate performance with a breakthrough data copilot powered by Tenor AI™ generative models. Use natural language to interact with and uncover insights in your CX Observability data. CX Copilot features include:

  • Natural language data interaction: Ask Operata anything about your contact center performance, using open-ended natural language to interact with Tenor AI™.

  • Suggested Tenor AI™ prompts: Tenor AI™ will automatically suggest prompts you can use to interact with Operata data and gain new insights into contact center performance.

  • Chat sessions with Tenor AI™: Converse with Tenor AI™ in a GPT-style chat session so that you can refine your prompts and accelerate your data exploration.

  • Large Language Model (LLM): Tenor AI™ uses an LLM approach that doesn't share your data, it securely retains your data in Operata Platform.

Learn more

New Landing Experience

An all-new Operata user experience brings Tenor AI™ Featured Insights and CX Copilot to the home screen, surfacing contact center business and technical performance trends and providing recommended actions to improve CX.

Enhanced Event Streams

Event-driven APIs have been expanded to feed real-time insights and perform actions in other systems such as CCaaS, WFM, WFO, Data Lakes, and operational tools.

Insights delivered via event streams to 3rd party systems

Upgrading to the Harmony release

All Operata customers will be upgraded to the Harmony release at no cost. Amazon Connect Contact Lens is currently required for agent and customer sentiment data described above. Integration with Contact Lens is available for free through 2023. AX Copilot features are now available through our browser extensions Operata for Chrome and Operata for Edge and configurable via feature flags from within Operata Platform. Natural language querying features of Tenor AI™ in the CX Copilot are available via a private beta program.

Amazon Connect Contact Lens is an optional add-on for Amazon Connect that provides contact center analytics and quality management capabilities including sentiment, conversation characteristics, emerging contact themes, and agent compliance risks surfaced using natural language processing (NLP) on transcripts generated by ML-powered conversational analytics for calls and chats.


  • Contact Center Ops Teams - to measure and improve performance and productivity in their contact center.

  • CX Teams - to target experience improvements for employees and customers.

  • IT Teams - to support contact center operations and measure, troubleshoot and improve the end-to-end environment.


All Operata customers will be upgraded to the Harmony release at no cost.

All features available now for Amazon Connect,
Limited release available now for Nice CXOne and Genesys Cloud with experience data features coming soon.

Experience Operata value at no cost for a 14-day period.

*Harmony (music): The concept of combining different sounds together in order to create new, distinct musical ideas.

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