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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Unearth New CX Insights With Contact Lens

Draw correlations across Operata and Contact Lens data for improved AX and CX.

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Unique AX & CX Insights


Gain new AX & CX insights

Bring together data from Contact Lens and Operata to unearth correlated insights and recommended actions to improve AX and CX.


Accelerate time-to-value

Start collecting data from Contact Lens in under 30 minutes, with pre-built Rules and Intents for key CX Observability use cases.


AI-powered AX & CX Copilots

Use Contact Lens agent and customer sentiment data to fuel real-time AI-powered guidance to resolve issues and improve AX and CX.


Draw correlations across data silos

Bring together technical, operations, and experience data from Contact Lens and Operata to fuel unique insights and recommendations.

AX & CX Copilots

AI-powered insights and recommendations to improve contact center performance

Interactive Dashboards

Use Operata Playbooks to analyze Contact Lens sentiment data alongside CX Observability info

Ask Operata Anything

Interact with harmonized Contact Lens and Operata data using natural language


Integrate Contact Lens in minutes

Quickly add Contact Lens data to fuel enhanced Operata Platform insights and recommendations

Contact Lens Templates

Easily deploy pre-built Contact Lens conversational analytics templates for key CX Observability use cases

Pre-Built Dashboards

Use interactive Operata Playbooks pre-configured for Contact Lens agent and customer sentiment data

AWS-Native Design

Use complementary AWS services to integrate Operata data and real-time events with connected systems


Tenor AI Copilots to guide AX & CX outcomes

Real-time AI-powered contextual alerting, correlated insights, and natural language Operata and Contact Lens data interaction

AI Featured Insights

Curated insights and recommended actions to improve key metrics.
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AX Copilot

Proactively recommend best practices for Agents to improve CX on-the-fly.
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CX Copilot

Ask questions with natural language to uncover insights in your data.
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“With what came to light on our journey, Operata should be a given for every cloud telephony implementation.”

Rachel Southon, Technology & Delivery, Trustpower

Operata provides the only CX Observability platform for Amazon Connect.

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