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5 Scary Facts About Call Centers

Unmasking Five Horrors of CX

These five fiends make CX wane, haunted by a hidden CSAT drain.

Zombie Operata

Gather 'round, my friends, for a chilling tale,

About call centers that make us turn pale.

On this Halloween night, we'll uncover the insight

Of five spooky facts that will give you a fright.

Fact 1: 5% of all calls are negatively impacted by agents’ use of internal microphones.

In the call center's deep, dark abyss,

Agents' internal mics can cause a hiss.

5% of calls, oh what a scare,

Negatively impacted by mics, beware!

Fact 2: When audio quality is poor, agents are nearly twice as likely to transfer to another agent when using their internal microphone (20% using headsets vs 37% using their internal microphone).

When audio quality is a ghostly mess,

Agents transfer calls, causing distress.

Twice as likely they'll make a switch,

With built-in mics, CX can glitch.

Fact 3: Operata found that in a random sampling of calls, a staggering 4% of all calls experienced low voice quality and had unusually short average agent talk time durations of around 36 seconds.

A chilling 4% of calls, oh what a fright,

Have low voice quality, a CX blight.

Talk times short, just 36 seconds duration,

Leaving poor customers with total frustration.

Fact 4: In their 2023 CX Trends report, Zendesk found that "73 percent of those consumers will switch to a competitor after multiple bad experiences—and more than half will head for the exits after a single unsatisfactory interaction.”

Zendesk's report reveals a scary sight,

73% will switch after experiences not right.

More than half will leave after just one interaction,

A scary reality for customer satisfaction.

Fact 5: Today, many call centers are only measuring abandoned calls occurring before a conversation has started. These call centers are overlooking a hidden drain on CSAT that’s lurking in the shadows: calls abandoned after a conversation has started.

Call centers measure abandonment at the start,

But there's a hidden drain tearing them apart.

Calls abandoned after conversations have begun,

A lurking shadow that's not so fun.

Shine a Light on Call Center CX

So there you have it, 5 scary facts so true,

About call centers to send shivers through you.

If you want to avoid these frightful plights,

Operata can help, shining its light.

Let Operata be your guide.

Request a demo, don't wait another day,

And start a free trial to keep those scares away.

This Halloween, let Operata be your guide,

To call center success, with nothing to hide.

Author’s note: while still comprised of original content, facts, and human copyediting improvements, this post makes greater use of AI than normal for this website.

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