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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Introduction: Accelerate by Operata 🚀

Accelerate the success of your cloud contact center.

Announcing our all new, free 14 Day rapid adoption program.

At Operata our mission is to make ‘people experience’ the measure of communications quality. It’s about better connection.

We're always looking for ways to remove barriers to trying, adopting and using cloud contact centers and the Operata toolkit.

It's small things that create friction, impede progress or reduce adoption - from missing documentation to complicated commercials to poor UX flow. At Operata, we keep looking to simplify, distill and reduce to what is essential.

As the seminal 20th Century architect, aptly put it:

“ God is in the details. ”

— Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

That's why we've removed the commercial barriers to getting started with Operata and we are making it even easier to accelerate your cloud contact center transformation using Operata.

Introducing our all new, Free 14 Day rapid adoption program:

Announcing ‘Accelerate by Operata’ 

Our free 14 day program and toolkit to optimize your implementation of Amazon Connect. 

It’s everything you need to monitor performance, test and tune your implementation.

Accelerate by Operata is a turn-key program designed to speed contact center transformation with tools and insights to measure and proactively optimize new Amazon Connect deployments. It helps you accelerate adoption and proactively optimize your environment to get the best from Amazon Connect. It's all fully supported by the Operata team and gives you 14 days of free performance insights for your Amazon Connect rollout.

 Accelerate by Operata includes:

  • 14 days access to the Operata Platform

  • 2 Platform users, unlimited agents on 1 ARN

  • Kickoff session with online training

  • Monitoring of 1M Agent Minutes

  • Performance Testing with 1,000 Assurance Minutes

  • Simple browser extension for data collection

  • An Accelerate Report with key recommendations

  • A report walkthrough with an Operata Voice Expert

Accelerate by Operata is offered as a simple to deploy SaaS service, exclusive to AWS and available globally — wherever Amazon Connect is.

Download the Datasheet to get more info or click the button below to reserve your spot. 

About Operata

Operata is the only performance monitoring & assurance platform built for Amazon Connect.

Operata continuously monitors every second of every call, capturing performance data throughout the entire end-to-end communication chain.

From the desk-top, Agent feedback is gathered in real-time, automatically capturing relevant environmental data, call performance and softphone logs.

Performance testing tools load the environment with real calls to ensure production workloads can be supported.

Combining this monitoring and assurance data, Operata provides insights to optimise the environment and deliver the best Amazon Connect customer experience - for every call.

See Operata in action.

Lock in some time with a Product Specialist.

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