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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Announcing our all-new Operata platform release - ‘Encore.'

Introducing Playbooks - Curated dashboards for best practice technical & operational insights.

We are pleased to announce ‘Encore'.

This launches our all-new Playbooks: Prebuilt best practice dashboards for deep, contact center performance insights. They’re designed for Contact Center business users and the IT teams that support them. 

Playbooks are collections of templated dashboards, they can be used out-of-the-box or fully customized using Canvas. View summaries and drill down into underlying data to track and monitor trends in real-time. Quickly and efficiently quantify CX impact without log-trawling or packet captures.  Act on solutions to problems quicker than ever before and unlock the experience potential of your cloud-contact center.

All new Playbooks - Prebuilt best practice dashboards

Our Customer Success and Product teams have distilled customer feedback and weeks of hands-on configuration sessions into a library of 4 playbooks - each including a curated selection of dashboards that have been developed and tested with business and IT teams from our Beta customers.

Playbook 1 - Agent and Technology overview
A summary that highlights service norms and anomalies for agents and their technology.

Playbook 2 - Agent Activity
Insights to support agents and their productivity.

Playbook 3 - Technology Performance
Insights into key technical elements that contribute to end-to-end performance.

Playbook 4 - Agent Investigation
Analyze technical performance and activity by agent to detect trends and troubleshoot issues.

Operata Canvas is now in general availability

Included in 'Encore', Canvas is now in general availability. Starting Monday, May 23rd, 2022, all current users will be automatically migrated to the new playbooks.

Since its Beta release in December 2021, Canvas has given us fresh insights into how contact center data is captured and presented, to bring the most value to both IT and business users.

Paint the picture you want to see

Understand service norms and their exceptions. Act faster when issues arise and efficiently use the data to focus efforts that significantly impact your Customer & Agent Experiences. Canvas democratizes your data -  from IT operations to Business operations, giving the entire contact center visibility on performance metrics that matter the most. 

We’ve worked with contact center experts in Telco, Banking, Health, and Retail to launch our first set of Playbooks with more launching soon.


  • Contact center technical teams who need to measure, troubleshoot and improve their end-to-end environment.

  • Contact center business stakeholders looking to access contact center critical dashboards across their organization.


Starting Monday, May 23rd, 2022, all users will be automatically upgraded. It is included on all Operata plans and will be available to all Operata customers.

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*Encore, from the French encore [ɑ̃kɔʁ], which means ‘again, some more'.

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