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Just shipped! Operata for Amazon Connect

Introducing the 1st CX & AX Management Platform for Amazon Connect

We are excited to announce the launch of Operata for Amazon Connect. Now GA.

Announcing Operata for Amazon Connect 

This all new Operata release delivers on Operata’s vision to make 'people experience' the measure of quality in contact centre conversations. It is built for AWS' Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): Amazon Connect.

Operata for Amazon Connect continuously collects quality data from all calls between agents and customers. Every call, every agent, everywhere. Then uses machine learning: diagnosing issues and assisting agents to improve the contact center environment.

Operata gathers information in four areas to provide the insights needed to identify issues and take the best action.

  1. Continuous collection of network metrics from the Agent's CCP softphone, including network type, latency, jitter, packet loss and synthetic MOS.

  2. Agent subjective feedback on call quality.

  3. Compare audio at multiple points on the call path using the latest ITU standard (POLQA).

  4. Baseline network performance of Amazon Connect independently of your environment.

Operata brings all these data sources together, uses AI powered algorithms to analyse, pinpoint issues and trigger business defined workflow actions. It’s built for agents in contact centres, home workers, contact centre managers and the IT teams that support them.

"With this release, Operata has taken a unique approach of continuous quality management platform, not just a test tool for project assurance or to solve adhoc issues." said John Mitchem, Co-founder. "The every call, every agent nature of the data collected makes it invaluable to DevOps teams that are managing agile and dynamic cloud environments."

Operata is available in 3 service tiers, each of which are offered on a pay-as-you-go, per minute model for your Amazon Connect call traffic to simply scale with any implementation.

"Operata for Amazon Connect is the only continuous monitoring tool built for cloud native contact centers."

"Designed for the ground-up for Amazon Connect, it speeds time-to-value for AWS customers by assisting project teams to identify network and performance issues before the impact project timelines."

— Andy Scott - Co-Founder, Operata

Unique capabilities of the product include: 

  • Subjective Agent scoring and Agent Assist
 via agent chat.

  • All data points in one place

  • Insights provided to Operations and IT

  • Baseline carrier performance globally as data builds

Operata brings together capabilities siloed across other vendors including synthetic MOS analytics, customer experience analytics, predictive analytics and objective voice quality measurement.

Synthetic MOS Analytics, differentiators: 

  • Operata collects for all agents

  • Operata baselines AWS regional MOS

Customer Experience Analytics, differentiators:

  • Operata takes a data driven approach, to provide the detail needed to determine what went wrong, not simply that it has

Predictive Analytics, differentiators:

  • Operata workflows have been developed specifically for cloud contact centers

Objective Voice Quality Measurement:

  • Operata uses the right measure - POLQA

  • No appliances are needed for objective data collection. 

To find out more on Operata for Amazon Connect, watch the video or book a demo.

See Operata in action.

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