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Operata has been awarded selection for the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024 (EC24) for Advancing Customer Experience with CX Observability

CX Observability monitors signals in technical, operational, and experience data in real-time calls and interactions to spark actions that optimize contact center performance.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA & MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Operata has been awarded selection for the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024 (EC24), marking a significant achievement in its commitment to enhancing the efficiency and functionality of contact centers through CX Observability.

CX Observability monitors signals in technical, operational, and experience data in real-time calls and interactions to spark actions that optimize contact center performance.

The selection of Operata for the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024 recognizes it among cutting-edge technologies enhancing customer experiences. This year, Enterprise Connect's focus on outcome-based technologies reflects the evolving landscape of customer service, emphasizing the importance of innovative solutions like Operata's CX Observability platform in delivering broad-based benefits across IT and business operations.

The showcase aims to introduce Operata and other selected organizations to a broader audience, highlighting their potential to transform customer and agent interactions in the contact center environment​​.

“Despite the availability of sophisticated technologies, achieving an improved customer or agent experience is actually getting harder”, said John Mitchem, CTO and Co-founder of Operata. “This is, due to the complex end-to-end IT and Operating environment that relies on a maze of networks, shared infrastructure, applications and people to support it. Change is constant and many parts must work harmoniously together to deliver great CX.”

“We built Operata to unlock better IT and Ops performance through data with AI-powered CX Observability tools that promote insights and take actions needed to deliver the best customer and agent experience”, he adds.

This method is particularly relevant in a landscape where contact center operating models have evolved substantially; where distributed teams and outsourcing are widespread and where 82% of agents now do some of their work from home - adding layers of complexity to contact center operations.

The recognition of Operata at EC24 for its innovation in CX Observability underscores the company's unique approach. Operata's platform goes beyond traditional IT monitoring to aggregate and analyze data across technical, operational, and experience dimensions, providing insights and taking action to enhance customer and agent experiences. 

Operata's CX Observability platform demonstrates its value by offering a comprehensive view of the contact center ecosystem. For instance, by correlating technical data like agent CPU usage with experience data such as customer sentiment, the platform can pinpoint issues such as mid-call disconnects and facilitate immediate corrective actions. These actions range from initiating IT support tickets to alerting agents about potential issues and automating customer callbacks, thus ensuring a seamless communication flow.

With its application across various sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and software, Operata's platform is proving essential for organizations aiming to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The daily use of Operata by over 120,000 agents across more than 300 million interactions speaks to its effectiveness in identifying and implementing real-time improvements.

The benefits of adopting Operata's CX Observability platform are clear and immediate. Organizations report reduced Time to Resolution (TTR), lower Average Handle Time (AHT), increased agent availability, and enhanced First Call Resolution (FCR), all contributing to a superior customer and agent experience.

In light of its selection for the Innovation Showcase, Operata is offering EC attendees a chance to experience the advantages of CX Observability with a free trial. For more details or to arrange a meeting during or after the show, visit

As the industry evolves, Operata remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of customer service through thoughtful application of technology and data insights.

About Operata

Operata delivers the world’s first and only CX Observability platform built exclusively for cloud contact centers. Trained on billions of voice interactions with hundreds of billions of data points, Operata Platform monitors every second of every call, providing end-to-end voice observability and AI-powered insights with proactive recommendations for enhanced customer experience. Today’s leading global brands trust Operata to support digital transformation, improve customer experience, increase agent productivity, and reduce operational costs.

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