Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

The new Operata release 'Aria' 🎶 is here. Agent Experience Monitoring and more!

Announcing our all new release - an 'Aria' to welcome 2021!

Operata have launched our all new Agent Experience Monitoring and Chrome extension, that unlocks Operata superpowers for salesforce.com, Zendesk, ServiceNow and more.

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Operata has long focused on making it easier to collect and correlate call, system & network data to troubleshoot issues impacting CX.

In working closely with our Customers, one of the identified gaps is to access deeper insights into an agent’s technical and environmental conditions in order to better understand the impact of these on CX performance.

As an outcome, Operata are pleased to announce the all new 'Aria' release of Agent Experience Monitoring.


Agent Experience Monitor

Capture environmental data - browser, hardware, network and noise.
Empower agents to resolve issues in their control.

Agent Experience Monitoring brings together enhanced data collection methods, a new browser extension deployment option, a simple agent messenger and an all new dashboard.

  • More comprehensive data collection from agent hardware and environment.

  • No code browser extension and low code SDK options to ease deployment and management.

  • An agent messenger to capture agent reported issues and suggest self-help fixes.

  • All new insights and dashboards for Support teams to understand their CCaaS performance at the agent level.

"Agent experience monitoring helps early issue detection, making it easier for us to resolve issues like congested bandwidth, background noise, and audio latency. It’s an invaluable addition to Operata’s powerful platform."

— Rachael Blackman - Senior Project Manager, Vision Australia

Behavior & environment
Access a complete view of agent environmental data and call events to surface behavioral and technology issues.

Hardware & equipment insights
Gain insights into agents’ computing equipment and headset performance to diagnose issues and identify changes over time.

Agent self service
A streamlined agent messenger provides the information to self resolve issues like congested bandwidth, background noise, and audio latency.

Agent reporting
The agent messenger facilitates call quality feedback and call/environment issue reporting to streamline feedback to IT teams.

Transparent Data Collection
Continually collect and store softphone diagnostic and support logs with no interruption or involvement from agents. Collect and correlate call, system & network data to troubleshoot issues impacting CX.

Read the full Agent Experience Monitor release notes


Agent Experience Collector

A browser based data collector and agent messenger for alerting and reporting issues.

Benefits for Agents

  • Receive notifications of issues affecting them and their customers.

  • Report issues to support teams quickly with corresponding call, system & network data. 

Benefits for Support Teams

  • Gain instant access to detailed logs without agent involvement.

  • View and analyse insights form associated call, system & network data.

Available in two implementation options:

  1. Agent Experience Collector for Chrome

  2. Agent Experience Collector SDK

Read the full Agent Experience Collector release notes

Agent Experience Collector for Chrome

Existing CCaaS data collection tools require customization of the softphone. This means developers need to be involved and is time consuming and complex. Importantly, this method is often unable to support implementations within Amazon Connect technology partner CRMs or Agent Desktop products from niche vendors.

To make it even easier to deploy Operata and to support voice in leading apps including salesforce.com,  ServiceNow and Zendesk, Operata has released our fully featured browser extension: Agent Experience Monitor for Chrome.

No code deployment is made possible via a simple chrome extension.
Now available in the Chrome Web Store. Click to ‘add to Chrome’. It’s that easy!

Data collection features:

  • WebRTC data

  • Agent system data, memory usage, HD utilisation.

  • Network data

  • Amazon Connect logs

  • Agent feedback and reporting

  • Headsets data including background noise, audio exposure and volume metrics

Works with:

  • Amazon Connect CCP (Custom & Native)

  • Salesforce.com including Service Cloud Voice and Salesforce CTI integrations

  • ServiceNow (Beta)

  • Zendesk (Coming Soon)

  • 3rd Party Softphones & Agent Desktops (Dr Voip, VoiceFoundry Agent Desktop, Symbee, Local Measure and others).

Agent Experience Collector SDK

Operata strongly recommends utilizing Agent Experience Monitoring for Chrome wherever possible, but when circumstances arise where using Chrome extensions may be impractical or not supported within an enterprise, our Javascript SDK can be used. Please see our docs for more information.

Data collection features:

  • As above, excluding Agent system data, memory usage, CPU utilization.

Works with:

  • Amazon Connect CCP (Custom & Native).


Rapid Deployment Toolkit

No-code and low-code toolkit for flexible and rapid deployment of Operata.

Rapid Deployment Toolkit offers Operata customers flexibility and choice when onboarding and installing Operata, reducing time-to-live and speeding time-to-value. 

The flexibility of Amazon Connect and an extensive ecosystem of consulting and technology partners sees a range of customer needs when onboarding and integrating Operata

In response, we have developed a toolkit to make it as simple and fast as possible, catering for a wide variety of deployment options and use-cases.  

The toolkit includes:

  • AWS Service Application Repository (SAR) with simple dropdown configuration options including:

  • Optional headset data collection

  • Optional security  controls and privacy filters

  • Optional Operata Event Bus subscription for customising agent notifications and issue reporting. 

  • Cloud Experience Collector, packaged using Cloud Formation, ready to deploy.

  • Agent Experience Collector for Chrome, for no-code deployments.

  • Agent Experience Collector SDK,  for custom deployments & integrations

Read the full Rapid Deployment Toolkit release notes

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