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The world’s 1st multi-cloud CX observability platform

Now available on Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud and NICE CXone

Operata launches our CX observability platform for multiple cloud contact centers

Redefining the everyday experiences of agents and customers

Today Operata is generally available for Genesys Cloud and NICE CXone. This builds on compatibility with Amazon Connect, Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow with many more CCaaS platforms to come…

Operata is the performance monitoring platform built for cloud contact centers. Monitor every second of every call, capturing performance data from agents, networks, software, the environment and the experience throughout the end-to-end communication chain.

“Operata agent experience reporting made it faster, easier and more accurate to troubleshoot issues impacting customer experience”

— Rachael Blackman, Senior Project Manager, Vision Australia

Observability for modern contact centers

Globally in 2022, 20+ Million agents will take 300 Billion calls per year [1].

Of these, more than 30% of calls are impacted by environmental, behavioural or technical performance issues affecting customer satisfaction [2]. 

The negative impacts to Agent productivity, communication and technology costs, revenue loss and CX are continuing to grow with increased reliance on the performance of cloud technologies:

  • Voice technology resolves issues for 66% of consumers [3] - and now also powers transcriptions, self-service and voice bots, sentiment analysis, NLP, ML and AI, biometrics, redaction and more. 

  • A range of new operating models such as remote [4] [5], hybrid, gig agents, multi-BPO [6] outsourcing and follow-the-sun are proliferating.

  • 82% of agents are working from home in some capacity - more than ever before [7].

  • With only 35% of contact centers transitioned, the move to cloud growing at more than 25% every year [8].

Hidden complexity is creating technical and operational challenges to CX as more and more elements and potential failure points get added to communication chains.

Contact centers now operate in an end-to-end environment that relies on a maze of networks, cloud platforms, shared infrastructure, disparate applications, complex support services and constant change. 

Technologically, agents and customers have never been further apart.

That’s why we built Operata

Operata’s real-time CX observability platform continuously collects data from every second of every call, measuring performance across the end-to-end environment and improving experience as calls unfold.

Global customers including insurers, infrastructure, manufacturing, telcos, banks, and MSPs are enjoying benefits such as [9]:

  • 90% reduction in agent disruption cost - less time reporting issues and responding to IT information requests.

  • 60% reduction in IT support costs  - end-to-end data captured, with insights to quickly focus on problem areas.

  • 3.4% increase in Agent productivity - with agents freeing up valuable time wasted in call limbo and troubleshooting.

Who is it for?

  • Contact center IT teams who need to measure, troubleshoot and improve their end-to-end environment.

  • Business stakeholders measuring performance and productivity in their contact center.

  • The agents that cherish customers every day.

How it works

There are 3 key components of Operata Platform:

1. An agent platform that includes:

  • Agent messenger that enables agents to report issues and Operata to notify faults and preemptively communicate to avoid issues.

  • Data collection from their CCaaS application, agent and customer audio, environmental data, hardware analysis.

  • It is deployed as a simple browser collector, has cross-platform CCaaS support and runs on Chrome and Edge.

2. The core Operata application:

  • Designed for the Business teams that run contact centers and the IT & Ops teams that support them.

  • Real-time monitoring of the applications, carrier, network, infrastructure and digital experience of customers and agents. 

  • Continuous assurance tools for end-to-end, agent endpoint and performance testing.

  • Dashboards and playbooks for end-to-end observability into contact center IT and business performance.

3. Workflow support via integrations:

  • Orchestration integrations into CCaaS tools to actively orchestrate the customer call when Operata can improve CX.

  • An open API for leveraging Operata data in third party tools.

  • Event based data exchange via Eventbridge for deeper integration into BI, IT Ticketing, CCaaS tools.

  • Messaging ops integrations into Slack and Team (roadmap).

How do I get it?

Simply sign up here for a free trial or purchase in these leading CCaaS platform marketplaces: Genesys AppFoundry, NICE CXExchange or Amazon Marketplace.

Once you create an Operata account, install our, no code, Operata for Chrome extension to get started.

For references 1 - 9,  please check out this article.

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