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Turn Contact Lens Data into Actionable Insights

How Integrating Operata Platform and Amazon Connect Contact Lens Delivers Unprecedented CX Insights

Break Down Organizational and Technology Silos by Harmonizing Technical, Operations, and Experience Data

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Today's contact centers are faced with a challenge: with so much data available, but so few actionable insights, it can be difficult to identify the factors that contribute to positive and negative customer experiences. That's where integrating Operata Platform and Amazon Connect Contact Lens can help.

Contact Center Teams and Data are Siloed

Currently, contact center technical, operations, and experience data, tooling, teams, and even team goals are typically separated into silos. There is an IT team with its own data, goals, and tools, a Contact Center Operations team with its own data, goals, and tools, and often a separate Customer Experience team with its own data, goals, and tools. This “separation of concerns” engenders silos that can lead to difficulties in identifying the causes of CX problems, because each team sees only their partial view of contact center performance.

However, organizations that can break down contact center silos greatly outperform their competitors. Taking customer service as an example, companies with the greatest CX maturity can “stitch together” brand interactions across silos, are 19% more efficient, enjoy 72% higher agent throughput, and are 3.7x more likely to retain agents.

Data is Everywhere, but Actionable Insights are Nowhere to be Found

Today’s contact centers can access an overwhelming amount of detailed data, but suffer from a lack of actionable insights. However, this presents an opportunity for contact centers that develop innovative methods for analyzing CX data. By doing so, they can unlock valuable insights that drive greater business performance and competitive advantage.

For example, general-purpose observability tooling available to IT teams can identify agent workstations that are underperforming. However, those tools cannot reveal to contact center operations teams that those slow workstations are causing voice quality issues that are impacting agent talk time, call transfer rates, and customer experience.

Harmonizing Technical, Operations, and Experience Data

With Operata Platform providing CX Observability, our customers improve customer satisfaction, grow revenue, and increase productivity. For example, by delivering exceptional CX, Operata customers can grow revenue by 2.6x.

The Operata Platform “Grandioso” release introduced Contact Lens integration, adding rich agent and customer experience data to the unique technical and operations CX Observability data already available from the platform.

With the Grandioso release, contact centers now have an unprecedented ability to correlate CX Observability data across technical, operations, and experience domains. More importantly, contact centers can use that correlated data to identify contributing factors that influence positive and negative CX outcomes, and take action to improve CX performance. In this way, contact centers can now break down their silos and obtain actionable insights to improve customer experience.

Using Harmonized Data to Deliver Unprecedented Insights

Operata previously reported on how agent microphones impact call quality, and found that built-in mic usage nearly doubles call transfer rates. This finding in itself is an actionable insight from Operata Platform, derived from technical and operations data points. Empowered by this insight, contact centers can train agents to avoid using their built-in microphones, monitor agent mic usage, and measure call transfer rates.

Additionally, many contact centers have understood intuitively that call transfers lead to poor customer experience and CSAT scores. However, exactly what impact does a call transfer have on customer sentiment? By harmonizing Operata Platform technical and operations data with Contact Lens experience and sentiment data, this question can finally be answered.

Experience Insights in the Operata Platform

By adding Contact Lens data to Operata Platform and unlocking these new insights from harmonized data, contact centers can now analyze correlations and identify contributing factors to answer previously unanswerable questions, such as:

  • How does poor voice quality affect talk time, call transfer rates, and the frequency of “I can’t hear you” utterances?

  • How does poor voice quality affect customer sentiment?

  • How does poor voice quality affect abusive calls?

  • How do longer queue times affect talk time, and customer sentiment?

  • What are the top technical factors contributing to “I can’t hear you” utterances, such as built-in mic usage, network latency, overloaded agent workstations, etc.?

The harmonized technical, operations, and experience data in Operata Platform is available for analysis in virtually unlimited combinations to identify new ways to improve contact center performance and customer experience.

How to Harmonize Operata and Contact Lens Data

If your contact center suffers from organizational, technology, and data silos, help is available. Operata is excited about the actionable CX insights that our customers can unlock with our Contact Lens integration. If you’re already an Amazon Connect customer and don’t have Contact Lens, contact your Amazon account rep to add Contact Lens to your account.

If you’re already an Operata customer, you don’t need to do anything beyond setting up the integration with Contact Lens.

And, if you’re already an Amazon Connect customer and not yet an Operata customer, you can sign up for a free trial and get started in 30 minutes or less.

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