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The CX Observability Ensemble

True CX Observability requires more than technology alone to deliver its best performance.

Our combined expertise makes our software “sing”.

CX Observability software stack represented in a diagram of labeled rectangles and software vendor logos.

Operata, the world's only CX Observability platform for cloud contact centers, is composed of an ensemble of “expertly-crafted” enterprise software, “well-rehearsed” DevOps best practices, and expertise provided by contact center “virtuosos”. It's like violin virtuoso Aisha Syed Castro playing the solos in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on a Stradivarius violin, renowned for its legendary craftsmanship.

Operata Platform is a purpose-built SaaS solution. Operata uses a variety of general-purpose software components in our SaaS stack, but more importantly, we use our combined expertise to configure and code around those components and deliver specialized features that aren’t available from other software. It’s this expertise that really makes the software “sing”.

The Required Ensemble for True CX Observability

To achieve true CX Observability, a robust, scalable, and secure SaaS platform like Operata is built by experts with a full stack of leading software technologies. Let's review some examples:

  • Agent endpoint monitoring: This requires proprietary code. There are no out-of-the-box browser/endpoint monitoring solutions that are focused on the AX and CX impacts of technology. E.g., Digital Experience Monitoring software can’t determine if call quality is being impacted by an overloaded CPU on the agent’s workstation. Operata CX Observability offers a purpose-built browser plugin for agent endpoint monitoring capabilities that are tuned for WebRTC observability of voice calls and capturing real-time technical performance data.

  • Cloud infrastructure management: We’re managing our CX Observability cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to. Using Infrastructure-as-Code principles to build, test, and maintain Terraform or CloudFormation templates and their DevOps pipelines is an ongoing practice that requires significant effort, when done properly. Managing infrastructure costs, scaling, service availability and redundancy, and similar “fitness for use” factors are also persistent concerns that aren’t for the faint of heart.

  • User interface design: Rather than spending time defining requirements for a custom contact center observability UI that your IT Apps team will build and maintain, you can spend time gaining CX insights and taking action. The Operata UI encapsulates our team’s combined contact center and software development expertise and the user experience (UX) lessons we’ve learned by working with our customers and their users spanning IT, Operations, and Agents roles.

  • CCaaS & CRM integrations: Instead of building integrations to CCaaS APIs and ecosystems, Operata CX Observability provides out-of-the-box integrations with platforms such as Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX™, NICE CXone, Salesforce Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. Operata's CCaaS and CRM integrations ensure that you can harmonize technical, operations, and experience data, enabling a holistic view of your contact center operations.

  • Data collectors: By offering pre-built and curated data integrations that deliver end-to-end real-time monitoring and data collection, Operata eliminates the need to deploy general-purpose data collectors. General-purpose data collectors simply regurgitate data you can already get elsewhere. With Operata's data collection capabilities that are curated based on our contact center expertise, you can ensure that the captured data is the most relevant for improving AX and CX.

  • Data platform design: With a purpose-built data platform and schema optimized for CX Observability queries against “lumpy” contact center data with its inherent peaks and valleys, Operata ensures insightful data analytics, a responsive UI, and support for advanced, scalable AI/ML applications. Rather than devoting your internal data science and data architecture talent to building and maintaining a data platform for CX Observability, you can rely on Operata’s platform that’s trained on hundreds of millions of interactions and hundreds of billions of data points.

  • Data Visualization: There are lots of general-purpose tools available for data visualization. However, it’s difficult to choose and maintain the right BI tool, support role-based access and user preferences, employ CX the expertise required to implement insightful and useful dashboards, manage updates, etc. With Operata, you can use our pre-built Playbooks (dashboards) to gain insights and recommended actions for improving CX, and you can easily configure additional Playbooks to visualize and analyze the data in any way you see fit. The UI also includes features for access control, sharing/visibility, and more – all functionality that your IT Apps team would otherwise need to build or configure in a custom UI.

  • Eventing and alerting framework: Operata CX Observability includes an eventing and alerting framework that eliminates the need to deploy and configure standalone alerting tools. Knowing what to event and alert on, when, and what data is relevant is the hardest part. With Operata's eventing and alerting, we’ve done all the hard work for you. You can set up customized alerts and notifications for critical technical, operations, and even experience-related events within your contact center, enabling timely response and resolution.

Don’t Try This At Home

Our view is that attempting to build true CX Observability from a stack of point solutions is similar to a DIY home improvement project. Building it is possible (maybe?) and can be rewarding (maybe not?), but it also comes with serious pitfalls and challenges. Alternatively, buying a purpose-built solution like Operata offers greatly reduced risk and faster time-to-value, like hiring a professional contractor to renovate your house (assuming you hire the right one ;-).

Start your free 14-day trial with Operata today and experience the difference a true CX Observability platform makes in your ability to craft the best possible contact center experience for your agents and customers.

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