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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Our all-new Operata platform release - ‘Forte'.

We are pleased to announce ‘Forte'.

New agent and customer interaction insights for deeper CX observability. 

Built for contact center, CX, and IT teams.

Available for all customers from today, Operata’s Forte release introduces agent and customer insights, and new Playbooks that provide IT and operational teams with unique views into key metrics impacting customer experience and cost.

Correlating technical, agent, and customer insights across multiple calls and operational lenses provide a unified view of interactions, highlighting opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Bringing this data together builds awareness in the technology and human elements that make up your contact center experience, with real-time observability giving the confidence to experiment, learn and deliver shared goals.

Agent Insights

Agents are where the rubber hits the road for CX.

How can you distinguish between technical issues and agent training needs? Where are agent call avoidance techniques impacting your CX and costs?

Operata's new Agent Insights provide a deeper understanding of how agents interact with your customers

  • Get a complete picture of agent behavior, capturing both traditional agent measures such as Average Handling Time (AHT) and insights such as mute and hold durations, both during calls and when they end.

  • Have the detail needed for focused agent training and performance management with simple views showing a raft of engagement measures ranked against peers and business process cohorts.

  • Quickly identify CX issues caused by agent call avoidance actions, excessive transfers, non-compliance to call handling standards, or technical problems.

  • Get the basics right with details on the devices agents use to talk to your customers and how well they perform.

Find Agent Insights listed as playbook 2 in your Operata playbook library.

Customer Insights

Go deep into the experience provided to your Customers.

A study by SQM Group found that for every 1% improvement in the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate, you see a 1% improvement in customer satisfaction. Moreover, the same research suggests that customers who have their issues resolved in the first call are almost twice as likely to remain loyal to the company.

How much time are customers spending in your IVR and how effectively is it routing callers to the right Agent group? How many calls are being transferred and where? How many customers dial again, or need to be called to resolve their need?

Operata’s new Customer Insights captures the Customer journey through your contact center environment.

  • Have the detail needed to optimize IVR options, consolidate skill groups, and reduce call transfers to improve first call resolution, reduce call handling times, and lower costs.

  • Track the time customers and agents spend fulfilling the customer needs, ranking each interaction against cohort averages, and taking best practice baselines as the target to raise the bar for all interactions.

  • Capture customer and agent activities from customer-first contact with details on transfers, redials and callbacks, having a timeline view of related interactions brings focus to fix on first contact initiatives, improving CX and lowering cost.

  • See the impact of changes in near real-time, and track trends month-on-month,  giving the confidence to experiment, learn and continually refine.

Bringing together Agent and Customer Insights 

Operata’s new Agent and Customer insights get to the heart of CX improvements by blending technical performance, and customer and agent interactions in real-time, revealing the underlying baseline metrics and outliers to focus on improvements and measure the impact of change.


  • Contact center ops teams - to measure and improve performance and productivity in their contact center.

  • IT teams - to support contact center operations and measure, troubleshoot and improve the end-to-end environment.


As part of our commitment to service improvement and continual customer feedback, agent and customer insights are available today for all Operata customers. 

Available now for Amazon Connect
Coming soon to Nice CXOne and Genesys Cloud.

Experience Operata value at no cost for a 14-day period.

*Forte, f or forte, meaning "loud or strong".

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