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All new Playbooks

Softphone Errors, Issue Investigation & Agent Reported Issues

Helping you act faster when issues arise and efficiently use the data to focus efforts that significantly impact your Customer & Agent Experiences. 

We recently launched our library of curated dashboards for best practice technical & operational insights into your cloud contact center. Playbooks give you access to relevant insights faster than ever.

Following customer feedback, we are launching three new playbooks with focus on three key areas: 

What are playbooks? 

Playbooks are collections of templated dashboards and supporting guides that can be used out-of-the-box or fully customized using Canvas.

  • View summaries and drill down into underlying data to track and monitor trends in real-time.

  • Quickly and efficiently quantify CX impacts without log-trawling or packet captures.

  • Understand service norms and their exceptions.

  • Act faster when issues arise and efficiently use the data to focus efforts that significantly impact your Customer & Agent Experiences. 

We see customers sync with these playbooks daily to speed up issue resolution, understand how agents perform and quantify challenges facing their contact centers.

Playbook 5 Errors and Logs

The trend of softphone errors and metrics to aid root cause identification and resolution. 

What's it for?

The Errors and Logs generated by the Amazon Connect softphone help get to the detail of why features fail calls disconnect, or other issues.

Playbook 5 categorizes Errors and Logs into easy-to-understand timeline dashboards to quickly identify trends and correlations to agent-reported issues, other service outages, and change.

AWS often requests CCP log files as part of any complex issue resolution.

Historically IT teams would need to enable CCP logging on the Agent's PC,  then manage the process to stop and recover them should the issue reoccur. 

Often several hundred Mb of log files need to be recovered and searched through to find the data for a single call.

Operata continuously captures and stores these Logs central, which can be filtered by time and agent, then downloaded within seconds.

Playbook 6 Issue Investigation

This Playbook highlights commonalities between filtered events and all events to focus resolution efforts.

What's it for?

The standard method of identifying the cause of issues is to manually hunt through multiple sources of information, looking for common attributes to focus efforts on a specific technology area or, more often, change.

Playbook 6 uses the end-to-end data captured by Operata to make it easy to find these correlated attributes; here's how:

  • Data on the left-hand Side of the Playbook is filtered for the desired customer entered criteria, including time period, Agent Reported Issues and Softphone errors.

  • Data on the Right Hand Side show unfiltered data for the same period to act as a baseline.

  • The tabs across the top of the report shift the data focus across different agent and technology areas.

  • Comparing the data across both columns quickly shows where the filtered instances (LHS) are out of step with the total number of instances (RHS)

To further aid the process, a Call List of all instances is also created, and there is the ability to filter both the LHS and RHS using a common Estate Filter.

Playbook 7 Agent Reported Issue Investigation

What's it for?

Agent Reported Issues are a great indicator of how well the service is performing, and the detail agents provide often brings clarity to specific issues that need focus.

Playbook 7 is an easy way to understand the trend of reported issues, the likely cause of individual issues, and patterns impacting many.

The first dashboard lists all the Agent Reported issues over the last 7-day period, with a reporting timeline (trend) and percentage pie chart which shows the most common issue category. 

Playbooks are available now within Canvas, to all new and existing customers.

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