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Operata Collector for Edge released.

The Operata Collector, a browser-based data collector and agent messenger for alerting and reporting issues is now accessible through Edge Add-on in addition to Google's Chrome Store.

This provides an additional option for organizations with full support for Microsoft Edge browsers from Operata's performance monitoring and assurance platform, designed specifically for cloud contact centers.

The Edge add-on for the Operata Collector simplifies the deployment process for agents using Edge, particularly for policy-based deployments. 

What is the Operata Collector?

Operata Collector is a simple browser extension that allows contact center teams to gather and monitor environmental data while empowering agents to provide feedback and resolve issues within their control. Focusing on collecting and correlating call, system, and network data, Operata streamlines the process of troubleshooting issues that affect customer experience. This is particularly valuable for work-from-home, remote, and BPO agents, whose environments may not be as tightly controlled as traditional contact centers.

Operata Collector contributes to reducing operational costs without compromising the high standard of customer experience. By providing agents with real-time notifications about issues with their work environment and equipping them with tools to address issues efficiently, Operata helps minimize downtime and improve customer experience. The increased efficiency in handling customer interactions results in reduced average handling time (AHT) and improved first contact resolution (FCR), which are crucial to lowering costs while delivering the best possible customer experience.

Key Features

  • Data collection: WebRTC metrics, agent system data (memory usage, CPU utilization), network data, and CcaaS logs.

  • Optional Headset data (background noise, audio exposure, and volume metrics)

  • Agent notifications, self-service, feedback, and reporting

With Operata Collector, contact center teams can gain valuable insights into agents' computing equipment and headset performance, enabling them to diagnose problems and monitor changes over time. This user-friendly extension features an agent messenger that delivers information to help agents self-resolve issues such as congested bandwidth, background noise, and audio latency.

Real-time agent notifications.

Enrich your Contact Center Insights

Operata Collector focuses on collecting and correlating call, system, and network data, streamlining the process of troubleshooting issues that impact customer experience. By offering a comprehensive view of agent environmental data and call events, Operata makes it easier to identify behavioural and technological issues.

It is important to note that much of this data is not readily available on CCaaS platforms. This lack of visibility can lead to difficulties in identifying and resolving problems that may affect the overall quality of customer interactions. Operata Collector fills this gap by providing a rich data set that can be leveraged to enhance performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. 

Agent Reported Issues

Agent Benefits

The Operata Collector not only streamlines the process of troubleshooting and resolving issues, but it also significantly contributes to an improved agent experience (AX), which in turn leads to enhanced customer experience (CX). By providing agents with real-time notifications of issues impacting them and their customers, along with actionable suggestions for self-resolution, Operata empowers agents to take control of their work environment and address problems promptly.

Improved agent experience translates into more efficient and effective interactions with customers. When agents are equipped with the necessary tools and information to resolve issues swiftly, they can focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers. By streamlining call quality feedback and call/environment issue reporting, Operata enables faster resolution of issues by IT teams, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Notifications of events impacting call quality


Operata Collector seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including:

Even if contact centers mandate the use of a specific browser, Operata recommends installing collectors on all browsers. This approach allows insights to be collected regardless of agents' intentional or unintentional behavior and enables organizations to correct agents who are using incorrect tools. Despite having a mandated single browser setup, it has been observed that agents may use incorrect browsers up to 7% of the time, with some agents even running multiple concurrent softphones across two browsers. By installing Operata collectors on all browsers, contact centers can detect and address these inconsistencies, ensuring that vital data and insights are continuously collected without any disruption. 

The general availability in the Edge Add-Ons makes it easier for contact centers and agents to roll out and by leveraging Operata's powerful features and benefits, contact center teams can effectively troubleshoot issues, enhance customer experience, and ensure smooth operations.

Operata Collector is now accessible through Edge Add-ons in addition to Google's Chrome Store

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