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Reciprocity Transforms Contact Center Operations with CX Observability

Before using Operata, Reciprocity identified several goals and operational challenges they sought to address in their contact center operations.

Reciprocity Industries is a software development company with specialist expertise in legal and television advertising and call center services. The company prides themselves on staying up to date on technological insights and advancements to provide clients with only the best-of-the-best services.

Founded by friends Tyler Cross and Andrew Van Arsdale in 2008, Reciprocity started as a boutique software developing and PPC marketing firm and has since substantially expanded over the years to provide for clients across the country. The company is located in Billings, MT where their dedicated team ensures efficiency and quality with every project they take on.


Before using Operata, Reciprocity identified several goals and operational challenges they sought to address in their contact center operations.

Expand Monitoring Capabilities

Another challenge Reciprocity faced was with the built-in monitoring capabilities provided by Amazon Connect. The team identified several limitations of the system, making it difficult to distinguish between the frustrations of their clients and the behavior of their agents. They also had a desire for an overall agent assessment score that could provide a more objective measure of the behavior of agents on the phone.

Gain Operational Insights

Reciprocity's agent performance metrics included the number of signed cases (a sales metric), outbound calls, inbound calls, SMS sent, emails, and review flags. They could track most of these metrics through a variety of reports. However, they expressed the need for a system that could provide unified, detailed insights into their operations and help them identify areas for improvement.


After a rapid 30-minute deployment and 14-day free trial, Reciprocity leveraged the Operata Platform to accomplish their goals and address their operational challenges.

“Operata really opened up a lot of the data metrics for us, to more easily understand what was going on when there were issues.”

— Tyler Cross, CTO - Reciprocity Industries

Unified CX Observability Data

From the very beginning of their Operata journey, Reciprocity were intrigued by the ability to monitor various aspects of the call, such as whether the agent was on mute, if their RAM was maxed out, or if their CPU was running hot, which could cause crashes. Seeing agent behavior metrics unified with technical data from the agent workstations unlocked new insights into the relationships between technical, operations, and experience data and their impact on CX.

Customer-Centric Insights

Reciprocity also found the Operata Platform Playbooks feature to be useful in tracking multiple customer interactions over time. This enabled them to identify patterns in customer behavior and provide insights into how their agents were performing on the phone. Reciprocity found the information so useful they are considering integrating it into their own agent application to provide additional guidance and feedback during phone calls.

Agent Experience Data Insights

Reciprocity also relied on Operata's monitoring capabilities to identify agents who may lose their temper on the phone or express frustration with the persistent crashes they were experiencing. This helped them provide additional training and support to their team members, troubleshoot issues with the Amazon Connect team, and improve the overall quality of their service.


By adding the Operata Platform to their cloud contact center operations, Reciprocity was able to improve agent and customer experience, increase agent effectiveness and productivity, and accelerate their time-to-value with Amazon Connect.

Improved Agent and Customer Experience

After implementing Operata, Reciprocity experienced significant improvements in their agent and customer experience. They were able to monitor technical, operations, and experience aspects of every call, which helped them identify issues and improve the quality of their service. Additionally, the breakdown of logs provided by the Operata Platform made it easier to collect and analyze data, which enabled them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Increased Agent Effectiveness and Productivity

One of the most significant outcomes of using Operata was the ability to increase agent effectiveness and productivity. By helping the team to provide additional agent training and support based on objective and actionable insights, agent performance against their KPIs improved.

Accelerated Amazon Connect Time-to-Value

Reciprocity found Operata to be a valuable tool in anticipating, troubleshooting, and resolving issues that were negatively impacting their customer experience. With continuous CX Observability insights provided in real time from the Operata Platform, Reciprocity was able to improve resolution times in addressing issues with the Amazon Connect team. Ultimately, Operata enabled Reciprocity to accelerate their transition to Amazon Connect so that they could more rapidly gain the additional benefits it provided beyond their previous solution.

About Operata

Operata delivers the world’s first and only CX Observability platform built exclusively for cloud contact centers. Trained on billions of voice interactions with hundreds of billions of data points, Operata Platform monitors every second of every call, providing end-to-end voice observability and AI-powered insights with proactive recommendations for enhanced customer experience. Today’s leading global brands trust Operata to support digital transformation, improve customer experience, increase agent productivity, and reduce operational costs.

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