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Operata Unlocks the Best Customer Experiences in the USA!

Australia’s ‘CX performance’ company, Operata, is accelerating the US launch of its business, following international uptake of its real-time performance and experience monitoring platform and major contact center customer wins in the UK and US

Launched in Australia in late 2019, Operata is a world-first real-time performance and experience monitoring platform built for cloud contact centers.

Founded and built by communications veterans with over 50 years of experience as CX engineers, network admins, service & operational managers, Operata is a response to how contact centers are changing.

The contact center is evolving

With a perfect storm of enabling communications, AI, and CCaaS applications have combined with the need to operate anywhere in the world. As contact centers evolve, so have the ways they are designed, implemented, and run. Covid-19 has accelerated this evolution: 82% of agents now work from home and new operating models proliferate such as gig agents and follow-the-sun.

Voice is the heart of how we connect

Voice communications is the workhorse powering the modern contact center: 66% of consumers typically resolve issues this way and voice technology now powers identification,  transcriptions, bots, machine learning, compliance, and more.

Voice performance has become critical to unlocking the best CX:

The US is the leading customer-centric market globally, with millions of calls made to customer support annually. 33% of customer interactions end on the phone, with 52% of consumers saying a single bad call leaves a negative impression of a brand.

New challenges require new solutions

But, delivering a high-quality customer experience is more complex than ever before. 

“It’s because modern contact centers operate in an end-to-end environment that relies on a combination of networks, shared infrastructure, applications, complex support services, and constant change. It is diverse, fast-changing, and technology-driven - typically outside of traditional enterprise control.” comments Romilly Blackburn, Co-founder & CEO.

“That’s why we built Operata - to provide the tools businesses need to unlock the best customer experience from contact center platforms.”

— Romilly Blackburn, Co-founder & CEO.

Operata’s rapid growth

With an expanding base of US partnerships with Amazon Web Services, VoiceFoundry, TTec, Symbion, DXC & LocalMeasure - Operata are doubling down on the US, establishing their first office and bringing on a local VP Business Development to drive growth expansion in the region.

For the US launch, Operata will be at Enterprise Connect 2022, the leading US event for enterprise communications and collaboration:

“We are excited about bringing Operata to the world and realize our mission of unlocking the best people experience for our partners, enterprise clients, their contact center agents, and the heart of the contact center - their customers.”

If you'd like to meet us at Enterprise Connect, you can book some time with us here or if you want to learn more about Operata, you can book a demo here.

About Operata

At Operata our mission is to help businesses have quality conversations. It's about a better connection. We are doing this by building the world's first experience management platform for cloud contact centers. Operata customers include leading insurers, telcos, banks, and MSPs. Operata is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Visit us at

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