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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Our new release 'Cadenza' is here. Data Exchange 🔀 for Amazon EventBridge and more!

Announcing our all new Operata platform release - 'Cadenza'.

We've launched our all new Operata Data Exchange for Amazon Eventbridge!

Product Release Cadenza animation

At Operata our focus is on real-time monitoring of end-to-end voice performance and it's impact on customer experience.

The data is powerful and correlating it with information from other systems can provide deeper insights into links between technical performance and CX measures such as NPS, CSAT and more.

Unlocking the power of CX data

Operata customers are increasingly utilizing the Operata API to pull data into their own data lakes, where they build custom analytics and dashboards to suit a variety of business needs.

This is asynchronous, often completed in daily batches and requires customer development effort to start ingesting records.

Customers are realizing the potential of Operata data to build powerful event driven applications - such as real-time BI and integrations with 3rd party service monitoring tools or service desk apps.

However, these custom apps can often be complex and require highly-contended or expensive resources to develop and support them.

Introducing Operata Data Exchange for AWS EventBridge

As part of our 'Cadenza*' release we are launching Operata Data Exchange for Amazon EventBridge.

This exposes the firehose of Operata structured data. It enables customers to automatically receive Operata records immediately upon call completion, pushed to their AWS event bus.

It is then available for consumption immediately by a variety of low or no-code services including AWS apps S3, Lambda, QuickSight, CloudWatch and more.

Simple and fast to access

Operata Data Exchange for AWS EventBridge allows customers to consume Operata data with no custom code in minutes.  

To get it, check you have a Operata for Enterprise enabled, then visit Amazon EventBridge Integrations, or find it in your AWS console click Setup and follow the 3 Step Guide. It's that easy!

Key features include:

Operata Data Exchange
No/low-code integration with 3rd party platforms and services.

Bring Operata data to your favorite tools
Liberate your Operata Data for use in other business critical tools.

Out of the box support for AWS QuickSight
Improve CX/AX visibility with a scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud.


  • Contact Center technical teams wanting to integrate Operata with service desk tools such as ServiceNow or Zendesk

  • Network Ops teams adding Operata to a single-pane-of-glass monitoring tools for correlation with other critical network data.

  • Contact Center business users looking to create and share custom dashboards using Amazon QuickSight with no or low-code

  • Contact Center service teams looking to retain Operata data for long-term storage (I.e Amazon S3 Glacier)

  • Contact Center Systems Integrators /MSPs looking to syndicate Operata CX data for use in support & services.


It also allows Operata to quickly help our customers build edge use cases to support bespoke requirements, reducing cost and complexity.

Remote worker Network Performance Alerting
Use Amazon CloudWatch Anomaly Detection to determine normal baselines and surface anomalies affecting your Customer and Agent Experience.

Customer and Agent Experience Reporting & Dashboards
Use Amazon QuickSight to easily create and publish interactive BI dashboards that include Machine Learning-powered insights, or stream data to your Elasticsearch or Splunk instance for operational monitoring & reporting.

Attach context-rich data to Incident & Support tickets
Use AWS Lambda to create incident & support tickets along with all relevant details about the issue when you agent reports them via Operata Agent Messenger.


Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale using events generated from your applications, integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Operata, and AWS services.

Event buses receive events from a variety of sources and match them to rules in your account. The event bus receives events from different sources such as Operata, AWS services in your account and other accounts and your own custom applications.


To find out more about Operata and how to configure our latest features, please book a demo.

* In music, a cadenza (from Italian: cadenza [kaˈdɛntsa], meaning cadence. The cadenza provides an opportunity for a composer to write something fun and exciting outside of the structure of the main piece, but also gives the soloist a moment to shine all alone.

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