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Our new platform release ā€˜Harmony' is here šŸŽ¶ - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Our new release 'Diva' - introducing the flexible data canvas for mission-critical CCaaS observability.

Announcing our all new Operata platform release - 'Diva'.

Fully customizable templated visualization, reporting for deep data driven insights.


At Operata our mission is to put ā€˜people experienceā€™ at the heart of cloud communications.

The way we do this is by unlocking the data that provides insights across the end-to-end agent and customer experience. Through the data we observe, we seek to orient your team to what matters and provide tools that make it easier to decide what to do and act to improve.

Diva unlocks valuable insights from the end-to-end data we collect, to focus efforts where the biggest CX and AX gains can be made.

As we have worked with our customers, we have continued to gain more and more insights and see greater and greater value in the data we collect. But while there is a lot of common ground between organizations and the outcomes they want to realise with Operata, every business has unique opportunities to supercharge their CX.

As we have continued to expand our unique data sets, the scope of CX insights - support more and more new use cases.

Our recent focus has been to introduce more flexible data tools to support these expansion opportunities.

In our last release 'Cadenza' we added more extensibility by opening up the firehose of Operata data and events to other systems.Ā 

With our latest, 'Diva*' we are increasing the flexibility and scope of data visualization, orientation and decision support to get even greater value with Operata.

Continuing to unlock the power of CX data

End-to-end cloud contact center environments have performance data distributed across repositories,in disparate locations and forms, from the CCaaS provider to the Agents Headset.

It has become more difficult than ever to correlate these metrics, logs & events into a single-pane-of-glass that provides the people within your organization with all the analytics and insights they need.

Operata's new release builds further on this ambition - bringing data sources together with templated visualizations to make insights available to business & technical users without the need for deep domain knowledge.

Introducing Operata's Canvas

Now available in 'Diva', Canvas gives you the flexibility to monitor, analyze, report, troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your CCaaS service. It brings performance data captured from throughout your cloud contact center environment into one place.

With powerful out-of-the-box visualizations, freely customizable to suit your current and emerging needs, Operata Canvas gives you the power to provide the performance metrics that matter to your business and uncover the areas needing the most attention and the biggest opportunities for improvement.

ā€œOperata's Canvas is all about easily understanding what matters most in a Customer & Agent experience journey, without the need to swim in an ocean of data or be a domain expert to find the answers you need to take your CCaaS service to the next level.

We make it easy to empower users from across an organization to make better decisions about their CX offering, be that a technical or business focus.ā€

— John Mitchem, CTO, Operata.

Canvas is your voice expert-in-residence to support the data needs of devops, voice engineers, service managers and contact center operators. Canvas allows your users to securely interact with a wide range of mission-critical metrics, logs and events that make up your end-to-end services.

  • Rapidly level up your team
    It comes pre-loaded with templates, dashboards, visualizations and reports curated by our CCaaS performance specialists based on insights from hundreds of millions of customer interactions. Access templates tailored for each role in your team.

  • Orient your team to 'what's normal'
    Understand service norms and their exceptions to act faster when there are issues and the data to focus efforts that will have the biggest impact on your CX & AX strategy.

  • Rich SQL for power users
    For power users and for specific uses during service planning, incident resolutionĀ  or vendor management, Canvas is a flexible data playground with a rich SQL capability to allow you to get the specific answers you need in seconds.

  • Share across the business
    When it comes time for sharing, Canvas provides deep links to dashboards, charts and reports - taking your teams exactly where they need to be focusing. One-off and scheduled email reporting is also available by default.

ā€œIn moving to the cloud we lacked operational visibility that gave us a real indication of the real-time CX. Whilst some data was provided by the service provider, our internal BI tool were not geared up to make the best use of them, and required deep domain expertise to interpret them. Operata Insights became the CX expert we needed in our team.ā€

— Service Manager, Government Health Organization


  • Contact center technical teams who need to measure, trouble-shoot and improve their end-to-end environment.

  • Contact center business stakeholders looking to create and share service dashboards across their organization.

  • Contact center service owners who need to manage SLA's and drive down costs.


Operata's Canvas is currently an early stage release in Beta. It is included on all Operata plans and is available to all current customers in theĀ  Operata app today.

To find out more about Operata and how to configure our get the most from this release, pleaseĀ book a demo.

* DivaĀ (from Italian:Ā divaĀ [/ĖˆdiĖvə/]. Noun. A celebrated female opera singer.

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