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Au revoir 2022.

Hello 2023...the year of the 🐇!

It's been a big year in CX with another ahead.

We’ve put away the bagpipes and "Auld Lang Syne" has stopped ringing in our ears. Not that we want to blow our own horn, however let's not start 'chasing rabbits' without a send-off for 2022.

It was a big year for our customers and for Operata.

  • Our customer base more than doubled

  • Agent minutes grew by over 400%

  • Weekly active agents increased by over 40,000. 

  • Expanded our multi-CCaaS offerings by adding Genesys Cloud CX and NICE CXone to our support for Amazon Connect. 

  • Maintained a nearly 100% service availability.

  • Monitored over 45 million calls. 

  • Our team also made significant updates to our product and introduced new solutions through multiple partnerships.

Above all, we are proud to have helped improve the experiences of millions of customers through our CX observability platform. As we welcome 2023, we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service and solutions.

Let’s dive into our 2022 highlights.

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Introducing end-to-end CX Observability

Performance impacts both Customer and Agent experiences and as you know, you can't manage what you don't measure.

In 2022, Operata monitored the end-to-end performance, for every second of over 45 million contact center calls, that’s a whopping 250 million call minutes. 

Our Chrome extension is used by over 40,000 agents, measuring their local environment and making it simple for them to report issues and guide to self-fix solutions.

We’ve been able to qualify and quantify thousands of issues across the CCaaS, Carrier, Network, agent desktop environments and even down the headset performance. We have provided insights for contact center managers and service owners to manage the services provided by outsourced partners and even their own agent behaviours. 

Operata is helping our customers truly understand the complex and ever changing technology environment that underpins the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Expanding our solution base

Operata goes Multi-Cloud

The world’s 1st multi-cloud CX observability platform

We launched the world's first multi-cloud CX observability platform, delivering end-to-end insights across Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX and Nice CXone, with support for more CX platforms to come. 

Headset Integration with Jabra

First end-to-end agent experience solution

Headsets are an essential part of delivering the best agent and customer audio experience.

Operata launched the headset integration with Jabra to help contact center owners understand headset performance, agent audio exposure and headset asset management.

We integrated Jabra call controls and notifications into our existing Agent Chrome extension, synchronising headset and softphone controls and giving agents feedback on headset issues in real-time, during live calls!

Paint the view you want to see, with Canvas

Helping you act faster when issues arise

Data, so what?

Drawing insights from the data collected by Operata was a focus for 2022, our answer was Canvas.

Simply, we present data in a form that lets you fully understand your contact centre environment norms, with tools to qualify and quantify any issues with ease. Our library of curated dashboards, which we call Playbooks, support the needs of differing Personas; Service Owners, Technical Support, Call Center business teams and more. 

Customers tell us they love Canvas — since launch we’ve been working with customers and their feedback to ship Canvas improvements, and include additional contact center performance insights.

Our Customers know best

Bridging the gap between the Agent and the Contact Centre

We continually listen to all our customers and have added hundreds of requested features that have improved Operata for everyone.

Here  are just a few of the features driven by customer need - more of the same in 2023!

  • We built an AWS EventBridge bus, allowing you to do more with Operata data such as; attaching context-rich data to incident & support tickets, or integrating to third-party platforms.

  • Agent Messenger was significantly overhauled to improve the agent user experience, including contextual notifications for important CX and AX issues.

  • Heartbeat now includes more insightful call data (SIP errors) for monitoring the call quality of inbound calls. Any failures or breaches to quality thresholds can emit events to an integration via Workflows.

  • Single Sign-On for users and virtual-agents to secure your access to the Operata platform. We added support for multiple enterprise identity providers (Azure, Okta, etc), which has been a much requested feature.

  • Privacy Controls with allow/deny field-level granularity, to ensure compliance for your organisations sensitive data.

  • Extended detection of Agent web browsers, so that you can ensure agents are using the right environment.

What does it all mean?

Improving call quality, increasing call center availability and reducing the time and effort needed to transition to and run Cloud Call Centres are all tangible benefits delivered with Operata, evidenced in a strong ROI.

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What's next?

In summary, 2022 was a year of growth, expansion, and innovation for Operata. We are proud of the impact we have made to our customers' businesses with our product, and the impact it has had on the customer experience. We look forward to continuing to deliver for our customers in 2023.

We have big plans - continuing to extend our Multi-Cloud offering, but also new ways of building on Operata insights.

Get ready for our Falsetto release in Q1 2023!

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