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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Operata has been awarded selection for the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024 (EC24) for Advancing Customer Experience with CX Observability

CX Observability monitors signals in technical, operational, and experience data in real-time calls and interactions to spark actions that optimize contact center performance.

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Agent microphone call quality represented by an illustration of an agent wearing a headset with an alert icon displayed above their laptop.
How Agent Microphones Affect Call Quality

Without adequate CX Observability tooling, contact centers are overlooking a key technical issue affecting call quality.

Call center quality assurance illustration depicting an agent and a caller with a variety of communications considerations represented as icons between them.
Call Center Quality Assurance: Everything You Need to Know

QA is a fundamental customer service practice for organizations seeking to outpace their rivals by delivering exceptional customer experiences

Operata Platform Grandioso Release: For the first time, cloud contact centers can correlate unified technical, operations, and experience data.
Our Latest Operata Platform Release: ‘Grandioso'

Our latest Operata Platform release adds innovative ‘people experience’ insights for comprehensive CX Observability.

For the first time, cloud contact centers can correlate unified technical, operations, and experience data.
Operata adds ‘people experience’ insights to its CX Observability platform

“For Operata customers, delivering the best possible customer experience is their top priority,” said Romilly Blackburn, CEO and Co-founder, Operata. “Our correlated CX Observability data is driving unprecedented improvements in CCaaS time to value, service performance, and customer outcomes.”

Why enterprises need observability: a customer and agent communicating across a variety of network and infrastructure elements.
Why Enterprises Need CX Observability

A CX Observability platform is complementary to your CCaaS solution and provides unique experience insights to your entire organization.

Continuous monitoring Memphis-style illustration of a woman interacting with a computer screen displaying various charts
How Continuous Monitoring Improves Customer Experience

Continuous monitoring of voice interactions in real time is a fundamental requirement for any call center, and cloud contact centers in particular.

Our all-new Operata platform release - ‘Forte'.

New agent and customer interaction insights for deeper CX observability. 

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